Short bursts of hilarity from Alabama’s otherwise miserable history.

Feel free to contact us at: hsvln1819@gmail.com


In which we examine the dissolution of the most basic building block of 19th century life. Old-timey divorces are often a tragic mix of the hilarious and dramatic.

Miscellaneous Frontier Life and Early Statehood!

Not everything falls neatly into a prescribed category. Here is where the flotsam can flop onto the shores of your eyes.

Random Items From the 20th Century!

As it turns out, not everything happened in the nineteenth century.

Violent Assault and Murder!

What would life be without a few bruises? Madison county during the Mississippi Territory provided plenty of gore. Please enjoy these descriptions of unfortunate people from centuries ago experiencing massive amounts of pain.


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  1. “About” and “Contact” appear to have the same information. Who wrote this? Who is the instigator. I love it. The owner should sign his/her work.


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